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Multiply Attributes

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Confirmed compatible with Zen-Cart (ZC) 1.5.3 through 1.5.5... (Compatibility to be extended soon. If this product is desired and not yet available for your ZC site, please inquire and compatibility can be evaluated for inclusion. No additional cost if the compatibility is evaluated to be relatively the same not requiring significant rework.)

Zen Cart out of the box supports adding, subtracting and adding/subtracting multiples of the base price of the product, but have you ever seen a need to multiply an attribute in a different way?

Here's an example.  Let's say that a manufacturer charges a fee on the cost of customer selections leading up to the point of where a factor is multiplied by the numbers calculated so far.  For example, Product 1 is selected.  Well this product has options like material type, additional hardware or products, and something specific about the look.  Well, let's further say that the manufacturer charges a 10% fee for picking the material type which will be the same for the base product and the additional hardware.  So, the attributes that are populated are:

Attribute 1: Additional Hardware

Attribute 2: Material Type

Attribute 3: The look

So the price varies based on the additional hardware selected, let's say that it will cost $100 more to select the high quality hardware

Then when the customer selects that pretty looking material, the manufacturer charges a 10% upcharge on the sum of the product and the additional hardware.. Well, ZC does not support this out-of-the-box, but with this software, the base calculations are extended to include multiplication of the previous sums or previous sums that already include multiplication(s).

So, now you can calculate (((Base Price + Fee1) * Fee2 + Fee3) * Fee4 + OnetimeFee1, etc...

Unfortunately this does not yet support ((Base Price + Fee1) * Fee2) + ((Base Price + Fee3) * Fee4) or other variations of that.

To see an example of this product in action, please visit the Example Product category, pick your choices on the Test Product Multiply and add it to your cart to see the results. (Don't worry, the site has been designed to remove that product from the shopping cart if you forget to remove it yourself.  You will not be charged for the Test Product in final checkout.)

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