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Isn't it about time that you get some help with your site?

Most likely this site has been found from the open source e-commerce website of http://www.zen-cart.com; however, with 30+ years of programming experience in multiple computer languages (basic, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), PHP, etc...) the problem typically is logic related, language related, or related to how the application was transferred to the web server. 

Whatever the cause, help is only a click away.  Receive one-on-one support, but be prepared to identify what you hope to gain from the help requested.  I have no desire to install or repair something that you do not foresee a need or benefit to have or use.  For example, if you simply want to post a special unique number, there is no reason to install something that can post Beethoven's 5th Symphony if there is no applicable market for that and if it will simply make your routine task more complex.

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Easy Populate v4 with CEON URI Mapping
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