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Test Multiply Product

Starting at: $15.00

This product is provided to show the effect of the multiply attribute addin that is available.  The actual math won't be shown until after adding the product to the cart.

If this product is included in the cart during the checkout process it will remain and a charge incurred, the site is *not* designed to remove this one product  prior to purchasing anything unlike the other test product. So, feel free to add as many variations of this product to your cart as you desire to see the results in the shopping cart, but do not purchase anything with this item in your cart as it is presented for testing various conditions.

Various options are provided, including adding, subtracting and multiplying. Division is accomplished by multiplying by less than 1. (I.e. 50%)

The code now partially supports price by attribute but improvements continue.

Factors that are controllable of this plugin sitewide:

  1. present multiplication factor as an added or subtracted percentage,
  2. present as a straight multiplication value,
  3. show a division for cases where multiplying by a value greater than 0 but less than 1 (0.75 for a 25% discount in the price can be shown as divide by 1.33).
  4. Remove trailing zeros from after the decimal place so that percentages (or whatever choice of unit display) such as 25.00% appear just as 25%.
  5. The ability for the multiplication factor to be affected by currency conversion or to remain a specific multiplication constant regardless of currency differences between the shopper and the default currency.
  6. With further expansion, this plugin could be made to apply different presentations to different products.
  7. Another aspect for expansion is the ability to apply multiplication in groups rather than building on the previous total(s) allowing operations on each group (consider the below representation side-by-side with another similar calculation) to be performed on/to the adjacent group.

Something that can be seen below is how an attribute's "name" can be different than the calculation performed.  The "name" of the attribute as used in this paragraph is the option value's name.  In some cases one can see that the name matches the math function performed, but then in others like in an itemized list there is a selection of items (1, 2, or 3) and selecting each applies a different math function.

Based on the below provided attributes and their sequence, the values will be calculated as follows: {[ Base Price of Product + Add-Sub1 * Mul-Div1 ] * Mul-Div2 + Add-Sub2 }

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