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PayPal Express In-Context for ZC

Starting at: $50.00

You use PayPal Express on your Zen-Cart (ZC) site; however, the default PayPal express option shows the customer that they are leaving the website.  PayPal has developed a way to present the PayPal express payment option by using an in-context browser (sort of like a minibrowser) which is shown similar to a lightbox.  This way your customers see that the paypal payment screen is tied to your site and can even see your site through the lightbox window.

This works with or without express checkout enabled in PayPal Express (ie. if on your site a customer only interacts with PayPal after approving the confirmation.page information.)

The code provided here when integrated with a default ZC store will change the look of accessing PayPal from your site whenever the PayPal Express button is selected.  Options are included to disable this feature and return to the standard ZC format of presenting the PayPal Express payment window, so it can be enabled as desired/when desired.  The controls for this feature are found in modules->Payment->PayPal Express. (Don't forget to remove and install the PayPale Express module after incorporating the code.)


This code is also incorporated into this site, so please check out the PayPal Express option and use it frequently. :)


The code provided is the ZC standard code for each ZC version modified to address this plugin only and does not include other paypal files to which changes may be necessary to support communication with PayPal associated to the POODLE problem (Use of SSL3) which was fully resolved in ZC 1.5.5 out-of-the-box.  That solution can be found at the zen-cart website in the Zen Cart Release Announcements in the specific thread: Important announcement about POODLE and payment security.  These fixes should be applied as necessary for the version of ZC being used, and should be considered when merging this software into your cart.

Compatible with ZC 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.3, 1.5.4, and 1.5.5. All versions are provided in the download file.

Installation: load/merge the files of the common directory, then access the version specific folder for the version of ZC for which the files are to be installed.

  • Model: PayPalExpressInContext1.0

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