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Easy Populate v4 with CEON URI Mapping

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EasyPopulate 4 and CEON URI Mapping getting together at last!

Maybe you would like to install the URI Rewriter, but unfortunately you already have all these products in your store and would have to go one-by-one to assign the new URI.  No longer an issue and not a problem with this plugin to EasyPopulate 4 version 4.0.33 and above.  You can install CEON URI Rewriter and then use this code.  This version extends the functionality of EP4 with an added kick, where a unique model number for each product is not required to generate URIs while exporting.   The absence of a model number will not interfere with the rewriting operation.
The edits made to EP4 add the capability to export products, categories, and EZ-Pages from your store to create URIs in the format designated in the public free version CEON URI Mappings settings (must be installed to take advantage of the additional features of this code), and further select from a few highly desired options:
    1) automatically populate the database with URIs for all that have not yet been assigned. (I.e., New information uploaded and now the item(s) (products, categories, ez-pages) need to have a URI assigned or an existing store has just added CEON URI Mapping and would like to populate the URIs.)
    2) refresh/populate the database for URIs that have already been assigned to a product/category/ez-page, but are not the default as rewritten. (I.e., Perhaps would like to reset all of the active URIs to those generated by CEON URI Mapping.)
    3) automatically update the database with all of the URIs that would be generated if the product/category/ez-pages were added for the first time. (But without individually editing and updating each product.) (I.e., completely set/reset all mappings following the formatting established in CEON URI Mapping's settings.)
    4) export the generated record, but do not actually change the database. (I.e., would like to see the result expected if the uris were to be updated.  A practice run so to say.)
    To be incorporated if considered necessary:
    5) change the database but do not export the record.
    6) do not change the records and do not export the information.

All of these are performed using the same original philosophy, any change to a URI updates the old one to be "inactive" with the new one to be the visible result. The big difference here is that you can populate your database with products, then export the list and at the same time have quick and easy URIs populated automatically.  The new URIs are generated from new data or from an existing store and would like to transition to the URIs offered by CEON URI (SEO) Mapping.

Later revisions will include manufacturers, the rewrites for things such as the login screen and other pages referenced in the Zen Cart FAQ. Then there will also be an import capability so that the rewritten URI can be entered in the CSV file and uploaded to suit your fancy.  Take it a step further and the entire rewrite table will also be available for manipulation so that (as a vision) you can add and revise items as desired.

For this software to work to it's full potential both CEON URI Rewriter and EasyPopulate V4 (4.0.33 or newer) must also be installed to use the added features. Not yet familiar with EasyPopulate v4? Perhaps you have used EZ-populate, Easy Populate, or other variations of such software.  If so, EP4 has been written/revised by chadderuski to expand on the capacity of those versions and to increase its adaptability to mass import and export product, categories, attributes, manufacturers, etc... The one factor necessary to safely import data for any type of information is for each product to be associated with a unique model number.

Buy now and updates associated with the described functionality will be provided/included when made available.

Because the time has come. 

  • The first rendition (5 August 2014) of merging EasyPopulate version 4 and CEON URI Rewriter written by the late Connor Kerr have come together.  This version primarily supports generating URIs for every product in the database during the Complete Products (with Metatags) export process.  Some additional options have been incorporated to export URIs for information and eventually to upload/replace existing URIs.
  • On 12 August 2014, the second version of this was completed, this allows updating category URIs through two export methods (Categories Only (with Metatags) and Model/Category).  One will populate the categories that have a product associated with them the other will populate all Categories, regardless if a product is associated with it or not, respectively.
  • On 18 August 2014, the third version was completed, adding EZ-Pages to the export/update list using the applicable option EZ Pages CEON Data.

Request your copy today (Current version 1.6).

Compatible with Zen-Cart (ZC) 1.3.9 through ZC 1.5.6 except for ZC 1.5.2 (was not released as an official production version.)

Verified to support up to PHP 7.2.

Wondering why this software is offered at these rates? Why shouldn't it be? And now, $15 of each purchase is provided to the Kerr family in memory of Conor Kerr.  Show your support of Conor's work through the purchase of this software.

Requirements for full functionality:

Public version of CEON URI rewriter installed,

Public version of EP4 (EasyPopulate v4.0.33+) installed,

Operational ZC with database that is not at version 1.5.2,

purchase of this product.

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